Busy days

The weather become more spring-like, I hope it won’t get cold again – I absolutely hate that. I love this ‘season of Burberry’.

Someone said life would be too boring if without a job. I don’t agree.

My imagination is too rich that I hardly have time to process them all.
Setting your hair need an hour
Doing your makeup may need an hour
I need 6-10 hours of sleep
I need 3 hours per day, at least, to eat
Picking your outfit may need an hour
Tidying the house may need at least an hour
Searching on Internet may need few hours
Catching up with friends may need at least 1-2 hours
Meditation need at least 1-2 hours
Watching YouTube may need few hours
Going gym need 1-2 hours
family time need to be hours
Grooming time to be at least 1 hour

Researching ways to implement your imagination needs hours !

Without limitations, imaginations can run even wilder.

Argh…. We are too short of time!

What’s matter is whether you can afford to have more personal time


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