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February 20, 2012

Veld’s Eye Magic

Eye Magic  is one of the innovative product by the French brand Veld’s, I got this more than 1 year ago, but I didn’t really use it till lately. I was looking for an eye illuminator and I saw this on my drawer. So I gave it a try again, and I instantly fell in love with it again !

It covers my eye bags and dark circle well, very pigmented. The consistency is great, it is just a bit runnier than cream eye concealers, so it feels hydrating.

Most importantly, it is an skin-care product, not an makeup product, not only is it feels healthy on my skin, it also keeps my eye area nicely hydrated , yet, with coverage. My under eye area never goes cake-y with it !

So far, unexpectedly, this is the best under eye concealer I have.

It is a little bit pricier than regular concealer, but it worths.


Veld's eye magic

Veld's eye magic

February 15, 2012

Clippings : Asian everyday makeup

argh… contouring is difficult, I never got the facial lanscape of Caucasians. I love my own features, but the different in facial characteristics as an Asian make    makeup difficult sometimes. It’s either too done, not soft enough or too rough and simple.

My best features is my skin, cheek, nose and mouth… may be I should give up trying to contour my eyes ( which never succeed, so my friends never see me doing this, even though I keep trying )

And here I found – the excellent blog post/ video from Lisa Eldridge



February 15, 2012

Philosophy Body Spritz

I always wonder how body spritz / mists smell/feel on skin, since I never own one. From what I learn from the internet, they are pretty natural – not offensive, I mean.

This body spritz by Philosphy sounds nice, do anyone have any idea about this ?

Philosophy Body Spritz

And this video by Emily in Beauty Broadcast is inspiring  !!

February 14, 2012

Something green…

This time, I write about something I love to do lately.

I went playing golf for the first time last Saturday. Although was at night, walking through the grasses, leisurely practice striking the ball…  is so relaxing !

Luckily there are public golf courses in Hong Kong with all those green, lakes and sands… It’s so nice to play, chit-chat, while walking through the beautiful landscape of the nature, with a little bit of sun.

I went through the details of different golf courses here.. argh…  hope I can play at Hong Kong Golf Club – no matter as member or visitor… the landscape is so beautiful.



February 11, 2012


I realized some changes need to be made. From now on, I will include comments on whether I will be restocking an item after it expires in my blog post. There will also be a “tag” categories on these kind of product. So,old post will be amended as far as I could. Enjoy.

February 8, 2012

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua

I have a very pale complexion for Asians with pink undertone, it’s around NW 15 to be exact. So usually I look better without makeup, as most of the time, the color of my foundation doesn’t match with my natural skin tone.

Equally difficult is to find a suitable bronzer for myself without the need to use a foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And after learning the different shades of bronzer, I started searching for a bronzer with pink/ coral undertone. Why pink/ coral ? because my skin turns red after sun exposure naturally. It won’t turn brown. If I choose something golden/ brown, it will look fake/ dirty on my natural skin tone, unless I darken my skin with foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And here I got it – Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in “Anigua” (shade no 2).



It looks pink on the pot, but when you apply it lightly with a bronzer brush, you skin will be left with a veil of pinkish tan – overall, you skin looks less pale, yet, it didn’t darken your skin tone – just like how my skin looks naturally after sun exposure. So natural!


If you apply it with a blusher brush, the color become denser. This give you a nice and natural warm pink blush.

I can’t tell the differences in finish when compare with other Bobbi Brown bronzer shades with red/pink/coral-tone e.g. Natural and Maui, as I have’t try them yet.

Will keep you updated.

This shade is definitely suitable for those who wants to keep skin pale with a bit of sun-kissed color.

February 7, 2012

Clippings – where to apply bronzers

Don’t laugh at me… I always to look as hot as an angel with nice and healthy tan.

Like Gisele Bundchen …


However, I will never go out for sunbathing, as I never want my skin to get aged. Applying makeup with bronzers is an good alternative.

Just went through an website teaching you how and wear to apply bronzers for a nice and authentic sun-kissed look.


Ps this page got the nicest explanations I encountered so far

February 4, 2012

Victoria’s Secret Inspired Makeup

I cannot embed the video here, but this is good and got what I want


Victoria’s Secret Inspired Makeup 


February 2, 2012

Dewy Bare Face – the magic of vaseline

This is something I would love to share – new discovery about vaseline !

I walked by MAC yesterday with makeup on – I was wearing their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light . Obviously, I was not yet used to this foundation, so I overdone it, and looks a little bit dry/chalky. It’s actually a “common” look, a usual look which you will see on almost everyone’s face on the street ( as most people overdone their makeup ) . I found this not acceptable, as my bare skin is moisturized instead, so I think something is wrong/ missing.

I went there as I wanted to look at their new collection. I ended up buying their Mineralized Foundation/Loose ( my first trial ) and their Charged Water Cleanser .
Later in the afternoon, I removed my makeup with Charged Water Cleanser, which I am pretty impressed, as it leaves my skin dewy and moisturized ! I don’t need to rinse my face with water, so it is good for changing makeup/ switching looks. (But it’s just 2 days ! it’s too early for me to make a definite statement )

I reapplied my makeup, but in a different way, putting vaseline beneath my primer sunscreen (which is the same skinceuticals sunscreen) and trying the newly brought Mineralized Foundation/Loose – going for a “natural but dewy look “.

I went back to the same MAC store and looking for the same MUA for some more Charged Water Cleanser. My MUA was stunned, she asked if I have removed my makeup , so I said yes. And she commented on my “bare face” in a extremely positive way – she said my skin is so good and I really don’t need any foundation actually! I was so delighted.

This is how, what and why I did it.

Having history of facial eczema, my dermatologist strongly advice me to put a layer of vaseline on top of my moisturizers to retain moisture when my facial skin is dry and eczematous. I watched Lisa Eldridge’s video on Marilyn Monroe’s make up, I was inspired – Marilyn used vaseline / Nivea underneath her make up for a dewy grow in the 50s.

I was also inspired by another Lisa’s video – “no makeup” make up –

What “Bare face” means is different for different people. For me, my bare skin is dewy when I am in my usual moisturizer / sunscreen. So, I can’t stand a makeup that can’t give me a drewy soft skin. So I modified what I was using that morning.


What I look for in a “Bare-face” look for it to look “real” on me

– dewy glow (not shimmery/ oily)

– never powdery / a trace of powder

– natural color on cheek

– nice feeling on skin

– sunscreen included

– clear lashes that won’t smudge

– natural, but colored lips



So, that’s it

– I cleansed my face (with Charged Water Cleanser at office

– I put on moisturizer (which is Skinceauticals’ Emoillience )

– I put on a thin layer of vasseline

– I put on a layer of Physical Fusion UV Defensed (i.e. the nude colored-sunscreen I have)

– before everything dries up, I put a layer of Mineralized Foundation/ Loose with Bare Escentual’s Full Flawless Application Face Brush ( or MAC 188 brush if you put less moisturizer on or want it to be sheerer)

– then followed by Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Cabo Coral on my cheek with a fluid foundation brush

– Lip: Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait

– Mascara : Clinique Lash Power Masacara in Black Oynx

Vaseline is shinny on my skin, with some powder mixed in 8, the finish become dewy rather than shinny – also by having vaseline beneath, my makeup powder dissolved a bit, making it less chalky/ dry

My skin feels incredible (and looks incredible) in this.


For touchups – if the colors are still intact / I don’t have the need to redo my makeup. This touch-up routine is not perfect, as I am searching for a way to touch up my skin, such that I can have that dewy feeling and color back.

– blot with blotting paper

– spray water/ any kind of facial mist

– while the face is still a bit wet, apply a little bit of my touch up powder of choice in a light way with MAC 188 brush.

If I suspect everything has melt down (rare occasion) , I would just used Charged Water Cleanser to remove everything ( this one is good because i don’t need to rinse my face with water ), and reapply again, as I need to reapply my sunscreen !