Bojouris Healthy Mix Foundation

This is a high end drug store foundation that I love love love so much…

If you are a regular high end cosmetic product user, you might not find it convincing when you first try it or saw the packaging.

I first learnt about it from

Lisa Eldridge’s video on ‘no makeup makeup’. Since watching that video, whenever I walk pass Bojouris counter in Watsons’, I tried this foundation. It was such a dilemma to decide, as the packaging is bit creepy to me, and it seems to me the texture is a bit thick.

At last I give it a try. I brought it in shade 51 light vanilla.

To my surprise, it blends well with my skin in terms of colour and texture. It’s just skin-like. So, I can just apply it to part of my face that need coverage. It feels light on skin and last long ( whole day! )

I love this one, its something I always go back to when I want to makeup and when I want it to be real and natural. Definitely,  something I will repurchase.



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