Asthanga Yoga Full Primary Sequence

I am still looking for my yoga style. 

I tried Asthanga yoga last week. I was a bit reluctant before I go… it sounded physically demanding, right ? when the class started, people started doing the sequence automatically with little prompt from the instructor. 

I was like ” what the hell??? “

With my limited experience , I followed the whole sequence. It was quite physically demanding, as it was non-stop with lots of jumps, abds and core thing.

However, it’s very good for developing flexibility. The muscle sore (especially my inner thigh sore ) from resistance and weight training were completely gone after the first session.  

I think it help develop flexibility (especially for a bit of hyperflexibility) – which is the exact thing I want to add to my workout routine. 

I will continue with it… hopefully, when I am able to remember the sequence better, I can join their mysore practice, then the schedule will be more flexible. 



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