Health Psychology

When being asked what kind of exercise I did, I frankly told them I worked out 4 days per week if I could. A lot of them would respond ” Wow, that’s hard. It would be impossible for me.”

On the way home, I gave a thought on it.  Did I make it sound too hard ?

I think it’s because of the difference in perspective. For me, working out and studying nutrition are pleasurable activities. So, I love to continue with everything I am going.

It is same with many other bussiness in life, you can’t continue to do something / attain a goal, if you can’t find any pleasure in doing it. If you choose to do something out of fear of a dreadful consequence, it would never be pleasurable, and you won’t be able to continue with it, unless it is a matter of life or death ( i.e. you think you are being forced to)

So, here is how I derive pleasure from everyday gym routine

– doing affirmations, changing the negative thoughts I have

– keep looking at myself in the mirror and appreciates the new bikini body I have

– keep posing and taking photos

– wear beautiful gym clothes, so I appreciate my body everytime I look at the mirror while working out

– wear clothes that is fit for my body

– accept the reality, stop criticizing people having perfect bodies or healthier lifestyle and try to appreciate beautiful things/people around me

– trust that I am beautiful and perfect by myself. And I could change for the better too

– be good to myself, do only what is good for my body

– be happy , feel good.


I love my body. I enjoy everything I did that bring about the results… when I feel tired or unwell, I simply rest or do lighter exercises.

I no longer think about how much calorie I have to lose, or doubt whether the thing I am doing could really helps, the only consideration I have is, whether it is good for my body and whether I find it pleasurable and fun to do.

that’s why it is sustainable for me .


I hope it helps

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