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February 15, 2012

Clippings : Asian everyday makeup

argh… contouring is difficult, I never got the facial lanscape of Caucasians. I love my own features, but the different in facial characteristics as an Asian make ¬† ¬†makeup difficult sometimes. It’s either too done, not soft enough or too rough and simple.

My best features is my skin, cheek, nose and mouth… may be I should give up trying to contour my eyes ( which never succeed, so my friends never see me doing this, even though I keep trying )

And here I found – the excellent blog post/ video from Lisa Eldridge



February 7, 2012

Clippings – where to apply bronzers

Don’t laugh at me… I always to look as hot as an angel with nice and healthy tan.

Like Gisele Bundchen …


However, I will never go out for sunbathing, as I never want my skin to get aged. Applying makeup with bronzers is an good alternative.

Just went through an website teaching you how and wear to apply bronzers for a nice and authentic sun-kissed look.


Ps this page got the nicest explanations I encountered so far