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March 20, 2012

Bojouris Healthy Mix Foundation

This is a high end drug store foundation that I love love love so much…

If you are a regular high end cosmetic product user, you might not find it convincing when you first try it or saw the packaging.

I first learnt about it from

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March 8, 2012

MAC Cremeblend blush Optimistic Orange

Haven’t been writing for a while. MAC released lots of new stuffs these days, one of it is the ‘Shop MAC ‘ collection. Among many of the products, I love cremeblend blushes the most.

Unlike usual cream blush like that of Bobbi Brown, MAC Cremeblend is light and gel-like. It can be blended easily even with fingers, although some of their MUA recommend the use of 130 brush.

The color in this collection is extremely cheerful and bright.

Optimistic Orange is a bright coral/orange color, after being applied on the skin, it becomes reddish-orange in color and is surprisingly natural.

highly recommended.

Thought of the day:
– I hate winter, it’s too long this year.
– I wish I don’t need to work….
– feeling a bit tired.



February 20, 2012

Veld’s Eye Magic

Eye Magic  is one of the innovative product by the French brand Veld’s, I got this more than 1 year ago, but I didn’t really use it till lately. I was looking for an eye illuminator and I saw this on my drawer. So I gave it a try again, and I instantly fell in love with it again !

It covers my eye bags and dark circle well, very pigmented. The consistency is great, it is just a bit runnier than cream eye concealers, so it feels hydrating.

Most importantly, it is an skin-care product, not an makeup product, not only is it feels healthy on my skin, it also keeps my eye area nicely hydrated , yet, with coverage. My under eye area never goes cake-y with it !

So far, unexpectedly, this is the best under eye concealer I have.

It is a little bit pricier than regular concealer, but it worths.


Veld's eye magic

Veld's eye magic

February 8, 2012

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua

I have a very pale complexion for Asians with pink undertone, it’s around NW 15 to be exact. So usually I look better without makeup, as most of the time, the color of my foundation doesn’t match with my natural skin tone.

Equally difficult is to find a suitable bronzer for myself without the need to use a foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And after learning the different shades of bronzer, I started searching for a bronzer with pink/ coral undertone. Why pink/ coral ? because my skin turns red after sun exposure naturally. It won’t turn brown. If I choose something golden/ brown, it will look fake/ dirty on my natural skin tone, unless I darken my skin with foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And here I got it – Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in “Anigua” (shade no 2).



It looks pink on the pot, but when you apply it lightly with a bronzer brush, you skin will be left with a veil of pinkish tan – overall, you skin looks less pale, yet, it didn’t darken your skin tone – just like how my skin looks naturally after sun exposure. So natural!


If you apply it with a blusher brush, the color become denser. This give you a nice and natural warm pink blush.

I can’t tell the differences in finish when compare with other Bobbi Brown bronzer shades with red/pink/coral-tone e.g. Natural and Maui, as I have’t try them yet.

Will keep you updated.

This shade is definitely suitable for those who wants to keep skin pale with a bit of sun-kissed color.

February 7, 2012

Clippings – where to apply bronzers

Don’t laugh at me… I always to look as hot as an angel with nice and healthy tan.

Like Gisele Bundchen …


However, I will never go out for sunbathing, as I never want my skin to get aged. Applying makeup with bronzers is an good alternative.

Just went through an website teaching you how and wear to apply bronzers for a nice and authentic sun-kissed look.


Ps this page got the nicest explanations I encountered so far

January 26, 2012

Sunscreen makeup

I love my sunscreen. My skin improve a lot since I started to use a sunscreen seriously. And a major issue with makeup is that…. Will it affect my sunscreen underneath ?

I have no idea of that nor do I able to find much information on the Internet .

I tested my makeup and at the end of the day, my foundation and blushes were still there. So I assumed the sunscreen was still there.

Anyway, this is how I apply blush when I just use sunscreen alone, I mixed my bare minerals blush with my sunscreen, such that it becomes liquid blush. In this way, when I layer the blush on top, it won’t affect me from reapply my sunscreen later on as they are of the same texture.


January 16, 2012

Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50

Looking back at 1-2 years ago, I think the major change in my skin care routine was the consistent use of sunscreen, particularly Skinsceuticals sheer physical UV defense SPF 50. Since I started to use this 1+ years ago, I don’t believe in anyone who claim their sunscreen / product is better than what I am using.

As many of you already know, photoaging is the main reason why our skin aged. This thing, essentially, block out all of the sunlight ( not just screen out, it blocks). And it is very light and has long-staying power. I didn’t reapply it during the day for most of the time, but the change on my skin is still significant.

This is a sheer/clear version of the nude-colored Physical Fusion sunscreen I talked about few days ago.

Since using it, my skin become finer and fairer. This is always on my stock-up list. Highly recommended.



January 14, 2012

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – Sunscreen + Foundation ?

Have you ever thought of how to reapply sunscreen after you have makeup on? I think about this lately.

I think the best you can do is to get a good sunscreen that is light-weighted enough and can stay on your skin for a longer time.

Sunscreen forms a major part of my skincare routine. Since I used sunscreen two years ago, I see significant improvement in my skin texture. It is even finer than my skin when I was still a teenager.

I use Skinceuticals SPF 50 sunscreen – it is watery in consistency , really light-weighted, non-greasy – that means it can stay on your skin for a long time (may be the whole day) unless you go swimming or do sports.

And the good news is, they have a colored version lately. It is a universal color and it will adjust its color according to the wearer’s skin tone.

It’s a very good substitute for foundation/tinted moisturizer if I go for something sheer and natural-looking for everyday use.

It work best if you allow some time for your moisturizer to be absorbed before applying the sunscreen. It quickly dry up and stay there for long. It is better than the transparent version when I want to have some bronzer on my face. ( because my skin is pink-toned and too light-colored for bronzer to look natural on my bare face )




On my skin and after being blended in