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July 22, 2012

Health Psychology

When being asked what kind of exercise I did, I frankly told them I worked out 4 days per week if I could. A lot of them would respond ” Wow, that’s hard. It would be impossible for me.”

On the way home, I gave a thought on it.  Did I make it sound too hard ?

I think it’s because of the difference in perspective. For me, working out and studying nutrition are pleasurable activities. So, I love to continue with everything I am going.

It is same with many other bussiness in life, you can’t continue to do something / attain a goal, if you can’t find any pleasure in doing it. If you choose to do something out of fear of a dreadful consequence, it would never be pleasurable, and you won’t be able to continue with it, unless it is a matter of life or death ( i.e. you think you are being forced to)

So, here is how I derive pleasure from everyday gym routine

– doing affirmations, changing the negative thoughts I have

– keep looking at myself in the mirror and appreciates the new bikini body I have

– keep posing and taking photos

– wear beautiful gym clothes, so I appreciate my body everytime I look at the mirror while working out

– wear clothes that is fit for my body

– accept the reality, stop criticizing people having perfect bodies or healthier lifestyle and try to appreciate beautiful things/people around me

– trust that I am beautiful and perfect by myself. And I could change for the better too

– be good to myself, do only what is good for my body

– be happy , feel good.


I love my body. I enjoy everything I did that bring about the results… when I feel tired or unwell, I simply rest or do lighter exercises.

I no longer think about how much calorie I have to lose, or doubt whether the thing I am doing could really helps, the only consideration I have is, whether it is good for my body and whether I find it pleasurable and fun to do.

that’s why it is sustainable for me .


I hope it helps

February 14, 2012

Something green…

This time, I write about something I love to do lately.

I went playing golf for the first time last Saturday. Although was at night, walking through the grasses, leisurely practice striking the ball…  is so relaxing !

Luckily there are public golf courses in Hong Kong with all those green, lakes and sands… It’s so nice to play, chit-chat, while walking through the beautiful landscape of the nature, with a little bit of sun.

I went through the details of different golf courses here.. argh…  hope I can play at Hong Kong Golf Club – no matter as member or visitor… the landscape is so beautiful.



January 17, 2012

Clippings : curvy exercises.

I used to be quite pear-shaped before the drastic weight reduction last year ( by running and diet). It’s difficult to know whether one is curvy or not when you are chubby – as every fine details is being masked by body fats.

At the lowest point of my weight ( which is 20 lbs off), I looked quite flat.

I guess the problem is, I haven’t enough muscle tone to give me curves

Since I get addict to watch VS angels, I start searching what they do for their body. Yes, as I guessed correctly, it involves lots of hard work – like daily exercise with running and some weights training.

They are skinny, yet, defined and curvy at the same time. Hence the term ‘skinny curvy’. And muscle tone is very important in creating these curves

After extensive research, the conclusion is, they have a large pool of exercise for them to choose from, but the idea behind is the same, and the different exercises are the variations of the basic.

Train up the obliques, legs, butt, chest, back and shoulder. ( that sounds like everything, right?)

The exercises looks easy, actually they are not. You try and you will know.

Share with you here one of my clippings.