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May 4, 2012

Asthanga Yoga Full Primary Sequence

I am still looking for my yoga style. 

I tried Asthanga yoga last week. I was a bit reluctant before I go… it sounded physically demanding, right ? when the class started, people started doing the sequence automatically with little prompt from the instructor. 

I was like ” what the hell??? “

With my limited experience , I followed the whole sequence. It was quite physically demanding, as it was non-stop with lots of jumps, abds and core thing.

However, it’s very good for developing flexibility. The muscle sore (especially my inner thigh sore ) from resistance and weight training were completely gone after the first session.  

I think it help develop flexibility (especially for a bit of hyperflexibility) – which is the exact thing I want to add to my workout routine. 

I will continue with it… hopefully, when I am able to remember the sequence better, I can join their mysore practice, then the schedule will be more flexible. 


May 4, 2012

Asthanga Yoga Full Primary Sequence

Asthanga Yoga Full Primary Sequence

February 11, 2012


I realized some changes need to be made. From now on, I will include comments on whether I will be restocking an item after it expires in my blog post. There will also be a “tag” categories on these kind of product. So,old post will be amended as far as I could. Enjoy.

February 4, 2012

Victoria’s Secret Inspired Makeup

I cannot embed the video here, but this is good and got what I want


Victoria’s Secret Inspired Makeup 


January 19, 2012

Youtube recommendation : Miranda Kerr hair and makeup

VS Angels’ are the most mesmerizing group of people on earth – men wants them and women wants to be them. The brand’s emphasis on being feminine and confidence is being well-reflected through the model’s makeup and hair do.

If you search on youtube / internet, you will get a lot of results. Today, I come across this video I would like to share with you!

enjoy ~

January 13, 2012

What’s your style?

I went dinner with my friends few days ago. There was a hot debate on what’s the style I am aiming at.

After starting to shop for few years, I think, I grow out of it. I know what I want.

I want something, not stealing the attention on me as a person and girl, yet, have good quality, appeal to my 5 senses.

Something that make me appeals as a girlfriend type.

We all have preferences on things we like, but they may not bring the desired end product. At the end of the day, we still wants to be ourselves, yet loved.

So, how can I call it ? May be ‘girlfriend style’. Haha

Below are pictures of the same girl in different styling. You see our choice do have impact on how people perceive us.



January 13, 2012

Resolution 2012.

1. used up what I have
2. make use of what I have
3. only buy things that I wants to keep
4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( this one is a real secret)
5. Keep nice skin and shape.