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January 14, 2012

VSX Lip color

Weeks ago, I come across VSX’s new promotion video. And omg, the girls’ lips simply look healthy and delicious.

The video


Unfortunately, VS is not available in Hong Kong.

So, I went to M.A.C. and try to find the closest alternatives. The mua recommended A81 See Sheer (from the lustre collection). See sheer is a more natural bright coral color, but it is not as bright as the one I saw in the pictures (and better, in the video) . But I brought it anyway, as it is a perfect and sexy color for daily use.

The other I tried is A61 Chatterbox from my own M.A.C. collection which is pinker and brighter than See Sheer and is a color close enough.

I use M.A.C. lip primer on my lips and then use M.A.C’s pro longwear B81 Good to Go as a base ( which is a bright orange-y color) than top it with See Sheer or Chatterbox, which give me a color that close enough to the color I see in the video. (plus the benefit of long wear with Good to Go)

though at the end, I still brought a lipstick from VS as I am so sure they use Be Mine on the girls in the video.

And importantly, to reproduce that kind of natural finish on the girls, you need to use a brush to put the color on.

I absolutely love lipsticks. Just with a little change in lip color , the whole feeling is changed.

The 3 lipstick in comparision – VS Be Mine, MAC See Sheer, MAC Chatterbox


from top to bottom : VS Be Mine, MAC See Sheer, MAC Chatterbox


VS Makeup – Lipstick in Be Mine



Top 2 , left to right : Pro Longwear Good to good with see sheer ; Good to Go with Chatterbox



Will I be restocking this ? Probably not. The reason is, I purchased this as I want to know the actual color, and there is actually many choices out there with similar color, may be, better texture.