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February 8, 2012

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua

I have a very pale complexion for Asians with pink undertone, it’s around NW 15 to be exact. So usually I look better without makeup, as most of the time, the color of my foundation doesn’t match with my natural skin tone.

Equally difficult is to find a suitable bronzer for myself without the need to use a foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And after learning the different shades of bronzer, I started searching for a bronzer with pink/ coral undertone. Why pink/ coral ? because my skin turns red after sun exposure naturally. It won’t turn brown. If I choose something golden/ brown, it will look fake/ dirty on my natural skin tone, unless I darken my skin with foundation 1-2 shade darker.

And here I got it – Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in “Anigua” (shade no 2).



It looks pink on the pot, but when you apply it lightly with a bronzer brush, you skin will be left with a veil of pinkish tan – overall, you skin looks less pale, yet, it didn’t darken your skin tone – just like how my skin looks naturally after sun exposure. So natural!


If you apply it with a blusher brush, the color become denser. This give you a nice and natural warm pink blush.

I can’t tell the differences in finish when compare with other Bobbi Brown bronzer shades with red/pink/coral-tone e.g. Natural and Maui, as I have’t try them yet.

Will keep you updated.

This shade is definitely suitable for those who wants to keep skin pale with a bit of sun-kissed color.

February 7, 2012

Clippings – where to apply bronzers

Don’t laugh at me… I always to look as hot as an angel with nice and healthy tan.

Like Gisele Bundchen …


However, I will never go out for sunbathing, as I never want my skin to get aged. Applying makeup with bronzers is an good alternative.

Just went through an website teaching you how and wear to apply bronzers for a nice and authentic sun-kissed look.


Ps this page got the nicest explanations I encountered so far