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January 28, 2012

Makeover by a MUA of MAC

I passed by MAC this morning and wants to try on their new metal – X cream shadow.

I am pretty impressed, as the cream shadow is very soft and silky. the color in the case looks intense, but they and soft and buildable after application.

I kinda love the look, and I wouldn’t done it on myself, because I afraid that I might need to start over again and wash my face if I messed up with the application! In general, it is a look for dinner and cocktail, but not for everyday natural look.

Of the product used, the most loved are the Beauty Powder in Too Chic, which give my skin a kind of soft and nice glow, yet it is not shimmery at all after applied on skin; I also love mineralized blush, which have a nice texture and color ; the eye brown pencil and the brushes 219 and 217.

I also used the (Malin+Goetz) Lip Moisturizer, which is so moisturizing and it leave a nice feel on the lips, my all time favorite for years


Breakdown :


face :
skinceuticals fusion physical UV defense ( a very light , tinted sunblock )

concealer : Victoria’s Secret Pro Camouflage FX concealer palette
MAC Beauty Powder in Too Chic – under eye, noise and to of cheek bone highlights using

MAC 130 Duo Fibre brush

blush :
MAC mineralize blush in dainty

base: MAC metal-X cream shadow in Gold Carbon with MAC 242 Shader Brush

crease: MAC eye shadow in Cork to crease for contour with MAC 217 Blender Brush

highlight: MAC eye shadow in vanilla to brow bone with MAC 217 Blender Brush

eyeliner (upper and lower 1/3): MAC power point eye pencil in engraved
MAC eye shadow in carbon with MAC 212 Flat definer brush and MAC 219 Brush Pencil Brush

eyebrow : MAC eye brows in fling with MAC208 Angled Brow Brush

Lip : (Malin+Goetz) Lip Moisturizer


January 17, 2012

Clippings : curvy exercises.

I used to be quite pear-shaped before the drastic weight reduction last year ( by running and diet). It’s difficult to know whether one is curvy or not when you are chubby – as every fine details is being masked by body fats.

At the lowest point of my weight ( which is 20 lbs off), I looked quite flat.

I guess the problem is, I haven’t enough muscle tone to give me curves

Since I get addict to watch VS angels, I start searching what they do for their body. Yes, as I guessed correctly, it involves lots of hard work – like daily exercise with running and some weights training.

They are skinny, yet, defined and curvy at the same time. Hence the term ‘skinny curvy’. And muscle tone is very important in creating these curves

After extensive research, the conclusion is, they have a large pool of exercise for them to choose from, but the idea behind is the same, and the different exercises are the variations of the basic.

Train up the obliques, legs, butt, chest, back and shoulder. ( that sounds like everything, right?)

The exercises looks easy, actually they are not. You try and you will know.

Share with you here one of my clippings.